Today is Thursday, September 11, 2008. Where were you last 7 years ago? It reminds me of the old days in US.

In that morning, I was in North Carolina. While I enjoyed having breakfast and watching news, all TV channels suddenly switched to the Manhattan screen and showed the video clip when the plane hit the first building of Twin Tower. I was asking myself if what I saw was a movie or what? Was it a war-like situation?

Only a second after the plane hit Pentagon, I absolutely realized that it was a war. I was so worried about all of my friends back in Washinton DC area. I made several calls. Surprisingly, a lot of them were still sleeping, especially my roommates at River House 2 (Apt 718) in Arlington. One not-fully-awake friend asked me what was happenning ‘It must be a big car crash that shook my building’. ???? !!!! ???? LOL


One Response to 911

  1. p. says:

    urr..who is the one who said that?

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