About me

A little bit about myself as of August 27, 2008. My name in Thai is written as รุ่งโรจน์ โชคงามวงศ์

I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand. After graudated from Thammasat University with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, I went to US for my master degree in Computer Science at George Washington University. After that, I worked as a software developer and a system administrator at Supply Chain Intelligence, Inc., Cary, North Carolina. Then, in Fall 2002, I joined Center for Earth Observing and Space Research at where I was employed as a research assistant with support from NASA/GMU/CEOSR. Finally I got my PhD in Computational Sciences and Informatics at George Mason University with the area of concentration in Remote Sensing and Satellite Rainfall Estimation. After 10 years in US, I am now working in Hong Kong as a Research Fellow at Institute of Space and Earth Information Science.

My current research work includes the processing and distribution of oceanic monthly rainfall for the Polar Satellite Precipitation Data Center and also implementing the Microwave calibrated Infrared Split-window Technique (MIST) for rainfall estimation. My research interest focuses on the remote sensing and hydrology area associated with climate and global changes.


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  1. roongrojc says:

    IP Could you please comment again? I couldn’t read it. ^_^


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